Our experience

Kamailio core developer and member of the management board

Senior IT Manager and product manager experience

Deep IT Infrastructure, IT Security and Project Management knowledge

Infrastructure hosted in Germany with high security and data privacy standards

Why external support for Kamailio

Kamailio is complex. It offers a wide range of core functionality and contains over 200 modules to extend its features.

It can be challenging to extend and maintain your Kamailio infrastructure during strict project and maintenance schedules.

We have more then 10 years of experience in Kamailio development and Kamailio Voice over IP infrastructure.

You can concentrate on your core business.

Our Services

We provide services with a proven approach. You benefit from a structured process and an effective communication.

Kamailio security assessment

Security assessment service with a standardized and proven approach.

Kamailio consulting

We support you to implement new requirements in your Kamailio infrastructure.

Development integration

Integration of your own internal development into the Open Source project.

Kamailio performance optimisation

Consulting in the performance and availability area.

Kamailio development

We implement your requirements directly in the Open Source project.


Trainings and design workshops for your team.

Some of our customers

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COPERATO 4com Belcenter placetel

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